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Marine Ecological Habitats

Marine Ecological Habitats (MEH) is a company that specializes in the plastic fabrication of many complex products that are related to the Life Support of Marine Life. MEH is also a leader in the implementation of proprietary methods in the construction of these Life Support Systems.

Our Systems:

Commercial Lobster Tanks

Educational Marine Touch Tanks

Custom Built Aquariums

Aquatic Relief Therapy Tanks


Marine Plastics

Over the years, MEH has perfected its ability to fabricate, to such an extent, that museum quality of construction is now our standard.

Customers needs are welcomed by MEH. Whereas other companies may find these design request annoying, we find it challenging. And often, we find our future customers.

Hence, industries approach us like the growing Biotech Community to help design, construct and engage in the production of their scientific equipment.


Other Industries:


Fixture Display




Whether, our own products or products we manufacture for others. Marine Ecological Habitats has a can do attitude and a passion for creating World Class Plastic Products.