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Marine Ecological Habitats designs and manufactures the World's Finest in marine life support systems.

Our designs begin with a total passion and commitment towards museum quality craftsmanship.

All of our works are pre-engineered utilizing only the highest quality of components, like American made acrylic to nullify rust, corrosion and delamination.

And Marine Ecological Habitat's proprietary Drain Down System, utilizes an efficient biological, chemical and mechanical flitration process, that maintains water control to exacting specifications, providing a healthy environment for both the marine life and those individuals that operate our equipment.


Backed by a One Year Full Warranty with 24/7 Live Maine Tech Support for Life, Marine Ecological Habitats has Your Best Interest at Heart.




As such, Marine Ecological Habitats systems, hold their value like none others. It is not unusual, five years out, to see our products resell in the open marketplace for 50% of original purchase price, when others in our category are ready for the scrap heap.

This is the truest measurement and testament to our quality, which is simply unrivaled.

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 Lobster Tanks. Educational Marine Touch Tanks. Health Care Aquatic Relief Therapy

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