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Initially designed for Maine Lobstermen to retail lobsters from their garage, The Lobster Box 2

holds between 100 and 250lbs of lobster in either commercial lobster crates or with removable dividers / baskets.

The Larger Lobster Box 4 holds between 250 and 500lbs. Super tough and very easy to maintain.

In Maine, The Lobster Box is a now becoming a very popular way to retail  lobsters at convenience

or seafood stores.

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Lobster Box 2 with

Lobster Box 2

Lobster Box 2 with
Sliding Top

LB4 with Baskets

LB4 Front View

LB4 with Crate

Lobster Box 4
with Baskets
        Lobster Box 4 Lobster Box 4 with
Crate Divider


Lobster Box 6

Mainely Lobster

Saint Simons Island, Georgia

The Griffin's and Buster of

Betty's Crabmeat

Pembroke, Maine