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Everyone is talking about the Claw Game…

Let Customers Catch Their Own Lobsters

The Love Maine Lobster Claw game is taking the market by storm. People enjoy seeing these amazing creatures living in this healthy environment and love trying to catch their very own lobsters.

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The Best Game on the Market

Although some have tried to imitate the Love Maine Lobster Claw game, don't be fooled.

  • Our tank holds 25 to 30 pounds of lobster. Other games only hold about 6 to 12 lobsters!
  • Our game is built to support a heavy-duty lobster tank filtration system. Other games support the equivalent of a fish aquarium filtration.
  • Given its capacity and far superior filtration, the Love Maine Lobster Claw Game can be utilized in a multi purpose role. It can be an entertainment piece, a platform to sell lobsters out of (by the pound) for a convenience store, or as a holding tank for a restaurant's menu.

The Love Maine Lobster Claw game is the
King of the Revenue Stream!

Great Profits
This irresistible game is ideal for a variety of settings, including restaurants and sports bars. Our clients have seen customers flock to this game and have enjoyed amazing profits after putting the game in their places of business.

Rapid Return on Investment
The Claw Game has paid for itself in as little as 18 months!
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Quality Construction
The Claw Game is entirely made of acrylic and is easy to clean and maintain. uses the same hi-tech filtration and water conditioning system that are used in our commercial lobster tanks, ensuring that the lobsters stay healthy and fresh. Hence, it is not unusual for a refurbished game to resell for 1/2 the original price.

In the event of a power failure, our proprietary system allows the water in the lobster holding area to drain into the base below. This prevents the lobsters from being in un-oxygenated water for extended periods, which can adversely effect their health. Once the power is restored the tank automatically refills and the chiller comes back on to it's preset temperature.

As Seen On TV

Chef Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares
The Black Pearl, New York 13:32

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Season 3, Episode 9 when the show's team renovated the home of Maine Lobsterman, Doug Goodale Family.

Extreme Makeover Kitchen Nightmares