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Who Says You Can't Buy Class?

What could add more class and excitement to a home cooked lobster dinner than allowing your guests to pick their own live Maine lobsters from your custom Classic Kitchen Lobster Tank?

Be the First to Own this Classic Original

The Classic Kitchen Lobster Tank is an American Original crafted in Maine by people who know lobsters and lobster tanks. We brought a new level of quality and craftsmanship to commercial lobster tanks, now we offer it to you in your home. Our Classic Kitchen Lobster Tank is totally new to the market and the first product of its kind for the home chef and seafood lover.

Custom Quality

Marine Ecological Habitats' Classic Kitchen Lobster Tanks are custom-built to fit into your home's kitchen corner. Our fine craftsmanship and components bring the same unsurpassed quality of our commercial tanks to your home. Any gourmet seafood cook knows the importance of fresh ingredients. The Classic Kitchen Lobster Tank ensures that your lobsters stay alive, healthy and fresh until you are ready to cook!

Our Unique Tanks Offers:

  • Guaranteed craftsmanship
  • The highest-quality components available
  • Customized design and installation that matches your kitchen
  • A healthy environment for storage of fresh live lobsters
  • An exclusive membership to that provides discounted pricing for all of your live Maine lobster orders. Click for details…
  • A fantastic new way to solve the age-old dilemma of what to do with that tricky corner on your kitchen counter

Classic Kitchen Tank in the News

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