Enjoy a cold Brew and Awesome Maine Lobster at Bob's Seafood, Windham, Maine...............Please emjoy live lobster at the Cedars at Foxwoods Casino..............Visit Beautiful Sunken Meadow State Park, Long Island, NY and spend time with the Marine Educator's Mobile Touch Tank ..............Visit Harvard University's Museum of Natural History or Columbus State University of Georgia's ELC Touch Tanks............... or Experience New York Aquarium's new Educational Touch Tank.......... The Prestigious Six Hundred Year Old University of St. Andrews in Scotland, Educational Touch Tank for their MASTS program.....And the University of California, Berkeley Intergrative Biology Department....... And Congratulations to visionary Brenda Ramer of Team Ecco and all the wonderful folks in Henderonsonville, NC educational Touch Tank exhibit......At Portland, Maine Jetport Terminal relax at Linda Bean's Lobster Cafe ................Enjoy a yummy lobster roll or have super Fresh Maine Lobsters packed to go......................And check out our Educational Marine Touch Tank................Linda's Touch Tank is dedicated to advancing Science Education in America's schools....................Catch some rays and delicious lobster at Boston's on the Beach at Delray Beach, Florida..............Or in Tallahasee, Florida, shop the freshest Maine Lobster at Southern Seafood............ Enjoy Lobster at the Carribean Five Star Buccament Bay Resort, at St. Vincent's Island...........In The Old Port Tavern, Portland, Maine. Have a cold brew with friends and enjoy their new and absolutely beautiful Reef Aquariums........................Wherever your travels lead you, may you be Happy and Safe!

Commercial Lobster Tanks
An elite Lobster Tank is essential for an excellent seafood restaurant.

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Educational Marine Touch Tanks
A World leader in this educational design for almost 20 years.


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Custom Built Aquariums
Finely hand crafted aquariums customed designed to fit almost any decor.


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Aquatic Relief Therapy Tanks
ART is the Original mobile sea life assisted therapy that fosters patient interaction and well being.


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Educational Marine Touch Tanks

Marine Ecological Habitats Educational Touch Tanks are long-term scientific research/teaching tools. Like all of our marine habitats, Touch Tanks feature the finest quality components, including three quarter inch American Acrylic and are designed to last 15 to 20 years. Touch Tanks are child-friendly, easy to maintain and mobile. The tank’s design allows educators and exhibitors to recreate life in the sea to a remarkable degree of accuracy.

Touch Tanks are rapidly becoming one of the most popular and effective marine science educational tools in our school systems today. By bringing the marine environment indoors, students of all ages can experience the beauty and magic of the earth's eco-systems and discover the complexity of the symbiotic relationships that help keep the earth's environment in balance. Students are encouraged to touch all of animals in the tank and experience, first-hand, the wonder of nature.

The eco-system in the touch tanks is as close to mother nature as you can get without actually being there. The environment in the tank provides healthy living conditions for crabs, oysters, sea cucumbers, sea stars, sand dollars, periwinkles, mussels, hermit crabs, crayfish and other species that dwell in the shallow waters of lakes, rivers, and coastal waters. Students are able to observe how the animals interact in their native habitat.

Touch Tanks employ a sophisticated water purification system, like that used in our aquariums and lobster tanks. The user-friendly filtration system allows students to take an active role in the maintenance and upkeep of the tank, becoming more involved with the overall harmony of a delicate, yet hardy, eco-system. Students build an awareness of the need to have respect for the environment and all the creatures that live in it.


Educators, Curators and Research Scientists are the Touch Tanks most enthusiastic supports. Click here to view a list of references.


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 100 Gallon Medium Touch Tank with Optional See Through Base

 Harpswell Elementary, Harpswell, Maine






50 Gallon Sea Bus Marine Educational Touch Tank



Touch Tanks bring the marine world into the classroom.

Touch Tanks provide a healthy environment
for a host of marine life.




 150 Gallon Large Touch Tank

Custom Black Setup Base
Mystic Aquarium

Mystic, CT


Camp KEEP - Kern County, California





 Marine Ecological Habitat's Sea Bus is a colorful, child friendly, portable outreach platform and display system for aquatic livestock. 

Designed to support either marine or fresh water aquatic animals short term, the Mini Sea Bus quickly breaks down and is easy to transport from site to site in the back of a hatch back automobile.

Our 50 Gallon Sea Bus is designed to hold sea life long term. Advanced water filtration to keep the water clean and temperature appropriate for marine life.


Marine Ecological Habitats You Tube Channel

How to Uncrate a Marine Ecological Habitats Educational Touch Tank

Major Component of a Marine Ecological Habitats Educational Touch Tanks


 100 Gallon Medium Touch Tank

Camp Ocean Pines, Cambria, California






Transportable Outreach Mini Sea Bus

Educational Marine Tank

Bahamas Reef Environmental Foundation 

San Salvador Living Jewels Foundation

San Salvador Airport, Bahamas



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