Covid 19 Update - In addition to Manufacturing Life Support Systems for Aquatic Animals, Marine Ecological Habitats is proudly uitilizing its Fabrication of Plastic Knowledge to Protect America's Front Line Medical Personel, Teachers and Students with Plastic Safety Barriers and Partitions.

Commercial Lobster Tanks
An elite Lobster Tank is essential for an excellent seafood restaurant.

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Educational Marine Touch Tanks
A World leader in this educational design for almost 20 years.


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Earth Day 2020

100 Matching Grants for America's Schools!

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Custom Built Aquariums
Finely hand crafted aquariums customed designed to fit almost any decor.


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Aquatic Relief Therapy Tanks
ART is the Original mobile sea life assisted therapy that fosters patient interaction and well being.


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Featuring this Month:

Legendary Aaron Morrissey's

Front Porch Restaurant  in

Wolfeboro, New Hampshire

Aaron with our original Lobster Tank

celebrating its 17th Season!


Bahamas Reef Environment Educational Foundation

Lobster Tank Design Features


Standard Single-Level Tanks

75 Gallon
100 Gallon
125 Gallon
150 Gallon 

Space Saver Single-Level Tanks

75 Gallon
100 Gallon
125 Gallon
150 Gallon


Multi-Tier Tank Specifications

Our multi-tier tanks use the same state-of-the-art filtering and water treatment systems that are used in our single-level tanks. They also employ our unique proprietary drain down system to ensure that you'll have the healthiest catch in town. The benefit of a multi-tier tank is that you can maximize your vertical space with lobsters storage. 

Custom veneers are available for all of our tanks to match your decor. Our tanks are made of 100% acrylic, eliminating any problems with rust, fouling or delamination. We can design and build almost any size lobster tank to fit your needs. As pictured, custom engraving with your name or logo is available as well.

Custom tanks with single or multiple levels can be made to almost any specification to fit your unique space requirements. Please contact us for a quote. Phone: 1.866.METANKS (1.866.638.2657) or E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Proprietary Drain Down Lobster Tank System

Our proprietary Drain Down System is designed to provide an extra measure of safety to protect the lobsters in the tank should a power failure occur. The two pipe drain system will completely drain the tank within 30 minutes. Lobsters kept in water that is not adequately aerated can "drown" in a relatively short period of time due to a depletion of oxygen. Even if the lobsters manage to survive, the quality of the meat deteriorates rapidly due to the "oxygen deprived" environment. When power resumes, the top tank will auto refill and correct  the temperature.


Also, when cleaning and maintaining your lobster tank, draining the system into the base can be extremely helpful and time saving.





See Through Pictures of our Lobster Tank Draining into the Base

This series of photos gives a complete 360 degree view of one of our all acrylic tanks with out the base laminated.. The  laminate has been removed from the tank to allow you to view the entire system. Click on an image below to view it larger.


Biological Filtration

The bio-beds in our tanks are made up of a large quantity of bio-balls. Bio-balls are simple plastic pieces that maximize surface area. By creating a large surface area, bio-balls provide an efficient media for beneficial bacterial colonization. A key element of the filtering systems is to have even water flow across the area containing the bio-balls. If dead spots are present in the water path over the bio-balls, valuable surface area will be wasted. The bio-bed containment area in our smallest tank has 30 Gallons of bio-balls, providing up to a 400% greater surface area over other tanks on the market. This allows for an increase in the number of beneficial bacterial that eliminate ammonia and nitrites, keeping the animals that live in the tank healthier and sweeter tasting.


Mechanical and Chemical Filtration

The mechanical pre-filter used in our lobster tanks is oversized for the system. And our Proprietary Positive flow super-activated carbon canister  reduces odor and removes organic contaminants and other toxic chemicals. The filter pad and carbon canister are easily removed for cleaning or replacement.


 Ultra Violet Sterilizer

UV sterilizers are flow-through chambers with an ultra violet light in the center. As the water passes through the chamber, the ultra violet light destroys any unwanted bacteria, spores and microorganisms. The UV chambers used in our tanks are over-sized for the tanks to ensure more than adequate effectiveness.



Our chiller are state-of-the-art units with digital thermostats and easy-to-adjust controls. They have a non-corrosive heat exchanger. They use R-134a refrigerant that is approved for use in the U.S. and they are low-power consumption devices.


Protein Skimmers

Protein skimmers are devices that extract protein from aquatic systems. Protein skimming, also known as foam fractionation, is one of the easiest and simplest methods for reducing levels of organic matter in aquarium water. Protein skimming is a filtration method used to remove dissolved organic compounds before they break down into toxic ammonia and nitrite compounds. In a process analogous to the production of sea foam in surf, injection of air bubbles into the aquarium water creates a meringue like foam when organic molecules collect at the air-water interfaces of the bubbles. This foam is captured in the collection cup and discarded. It is the only method available that physically removes organic pollutants from the water. All other techniques simply collect pollution within filter media, which is then removed and replaced with fresh media. Meanwhile, pollutant molecules may be constantly exchanged between the media and the aquarium water, reducing the overall effectiveness of the filtration system. For marine aquariums, foam fractionation is a practical and simple way to control this organic pollution.

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